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Glacier Pool Coolers is the affordable solution for hot swimming pools. Our line of pool chillers are highly efficient with low operating costs, providing excellent results in humid climates, while heat pump systems are costly and struggle in the hot summer months.

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Pool Cooling Efficiency & Cost Analysis

Product Glacier Pool CoolersHeat Pump Chiller
Process Electrical FanHeat Exchange
AMPS (avg. running) 840
Approx Power Rating (watts) 5288,320
Run Time 10 hours10 hours
Energy Cost (based on 12 cents/kwh)* $.63$9.98
Average time to reduce a 25k pool 10 degrees 10 hours*24 hours
Efficiency and Cost Less than $1 to cool overnight$25 and 24 hours to reach temp.

The above data is based on nationwide Cents/ KW/H averages. Cents/ KW/H vary by each state and power provider. The amount used is for illustration purposes only. Glacier Pool Coolers llc in no way warrants or guarantees any information in this comparison. Customers should use their own city/state KW/H rates when determining actual operating costs.

*Glacier Pool Coolers average 10-15 degrees on the overnight run times, but vary due to variables on pools. These are not exact, guaranteed degrees. All pools differ due to the heat load due to the sun, exposure, any color plaster pools and depth.


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Pool Chilling Systems Work

After the water passes through the filter, a bypass is installed to the Glacier Pool Cooler. The pressurized
water flows over a medium and is chilled by airflow created by the unit’s fan. The chilled water is pumped
back in the pool through returns.

This is for illustration purposes only. all pool set ups are different, and installer should follow Glacier instructions.


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Glacier Pool Coolers

Our pool chillers are electric fan operated cooling systems that require no Freon, Heat Exchange or Gas to operate with low operating costs and super high efficiency. A Glacier Pool Cooler gives quick, consistent performance compared to heat pumps that are expensive to purchase, operate, and maintain. Our system retails and operates at a FRACTION of the cost as a heat pump.

​Residential and Commercial Models are available to fit any size pool from the smallest residential to the largest commercial sized pools.

Glacier has seen great success in the US and has been available through distribution and retail for over a decade. A global presence was started in Mexico and the Caribbean with major hotel and resort chain customers and has caught on in other countries across the world like Dubai and the Middle East, Africa, and Thailand. Glacier has been able to tap in to the ever growing need to cool water in areas where extreme temperature changes are becoming more and more prevalent.

Swimming pools aren’t the only ones that have suffered sweltering summer temperatures. Other bodies of water that sustain life, or make life more livable have also suffered. Fish hatcheries, sealife exhibits at zoos, hydro farms, and even stocked lakes are frequent customers of Glacier Pool Coolers. Faced with our ever changing world climate. Glacier’s technical staff is always looking for solutions for customers worldwide.

If you have questions about our system, contact our office and we’ll be glad to assist you. Thank you for visiting Glacier Pool Coolers, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! #staycool


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Customer Testimonials

I bought two of the mister fountain sprayers for my pool. Hooked them up in my pool and ran them for 3 days 24/7. Only got 4 degrees of my pool from 95 to 91 degrees. Pool water still hot and uncomfortable. Waste of time and money. I went ahead and bought a Glacier Pool Cooler and ran it for 9 hours dropped my pool from 95 to 82 degrees. WOW! Me and my family are very happy. Great investment.

David P. - Charleston, SC

My neighbor has a Heat/Cool Heat pump system and said he’s afraid to turn it on again to cool his pool down. He ran it for 5 days and when he got his electric bill he almost fainted how high it was.. He said it is a money pit. My other neighbor down the street has a Glacier Pool Cooler and he loves it. He runs his all the time and he doesn’t have a high bill. So I purchased a Glacier system and it dropped my pool 12 degrees in 10 hours. Great product!

Chuck H. - Dallas, TX

Prior to the chiller my pool has been unusable. It’s temperature was 95 degrees before installation of the chiller. Now it is a refreshing 83 degrees.  I cannot recommend your company enough. It is very rare that a product lives up to it’s reputation, but yours certainly does.
Thank you again.

BJ - Houston, TX

The pool cooler exceeded my expectations! I live in North Carolina and have a beautiful dark bottom pool in full sun. When we have 90 degree weather the pool water would hit 90 degrees during July & August and not be usable.  I have had the pool cooler for a month now and when we have had back to back 90 degree days the water stays at 78 degrees when I run it 12 hours a day. This is the best purchase I have made in years! Love it!

Robert B. - High Point, North Carolina

We love our glacier chiller. Our pool was at 94 to 96 degrees and hotter than bath tub water. None of my kids wanted to swim in our brand new pool. Chiller brings ours down to 77 in the mornings and 80 degree avg all day during this 100 degree heat wave in Houston. Our energy bill only went up 35 dollars and i run the chiller 12 hours every night.

Michael W. - Houston, Texas

Bought mine a few years ago! Love it especially with weather like we’re getting in Philly! Pool temp was 90 and is now 83!

Jim W. - Philedelphia, Pennsylvania

Love it! Going on 9 years with no issues at all. Awesome pool coolers.

John K.