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Commercial Pool Coolers

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Glacier Pool Coolers

Meeting Commercial Demands

Commercial models are cooling pools in resorts, hotels, country clubs, aquatic centers, waterparks, wildlife exhibits and community pools around the world. Reducing the temperatures of large commercial sized pools SAVES FACILITIES MONEY by reducing chemical consumption. Cool pools dissipate chemicals slower. Commercial models are equipped with 3 phase energy efficient power for low energy costs, so the electric bill barely budges, but the maintenance costs go down. See savings analysis using data from a 200,000 gallon YMCA pool in Houston, TX by clicking below.

Our Benefits

  • Swim teams will enjoy consistent and regulated pool water temperatures year round
  • Helping marine habitat facilities maintain cool water temperatures for rehabilitation and comfort
  • Guests at hotels and resorts will keep coming back or extend their stays at the properties that offer a cooler pool among their amenities. A refreshing pool attracts more guests to the pool area, which will increase food and beverage sales at pool side bars and restaurants, and give an edge over competing resorts
  • Glacier Pool Coolers’ extensive product line can handle the smallest plunge pool/spa to the largest resorts & recreational facilities around the world, and we have developed a knowledgeable and in depth technical support experience for every installation scenario
  • Members of Aquatic Centers, Health Clubs and Country Clubs that have access to cooler pools will enjoy visiting and exercising at these facilities (referrals will increase membership)

Commercial RFP

Request a proposal for commercial aquatic facilities.

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Commercial Models Technical Specs

PIPE DIAM.(inches)
GPC220 <80K
63 55
2 2
60 4x4 250
GPC230 <120K
68 62
2.5 2.5
80 5x5 300
GPC240 <180K
75 72
2.5 2.5
125 5x5 425
GPC250 <225K
75 80
3 3
150 6x6 525
GPC260 <275K
75 82
3 3
180 6x6 600
GPC270 <325K
80 85
4 4
200 6x6 700
GPC280 <450K
80 86
4 4
240 6x6 750
GPC2100 <600K
86 105
4 4
300 8x8 1000
GPC220 Electrical Specs:
110/115v1-PH50/60H14 Amps20 Fuse Size
GPC230-2100 Electrical Specs:
208-240v / 440-480v3-PH50/60H20 Fuse Size

All Commercial Models are Equipped with Thermostat Controls. Call Glacier Technical Dept to acquire Commercial Sizing Form

Chemical Savings Analysis

Click here to see how much you can save on your chemicals.


​”Glacier Pool Coolers has completely transformed our YMCA Family Center in Orlando, FL. Previously we had to cancel swim lessons because the water was too hot and our members were having problems swimming even recreational laps. We now have a cool pool and happy swimmers during the hot summer days in Florida.

The unit has exceeded our expectations, and I am thrilled to partner with Glacier and this revolutionary produxt!”

~Rowdy Gaines

3 Time Olympic Gold Medalist
NBC Sports Commentator &
Vice President of Aquatics, YMCA of Central Florida

View Our Raving Reviews

Customer Testimonials

I bought two of the mister fountain sprayers for my pool. Hooked them up in my pool and ran them for 3 days 24/7. Only got 4 degrees of my pool from 95 to 91 degrees. Pool water still hot and uncomfortable. Waste of time and money. I went ahead and bought a Glacier Pool Cooler and ran it for 9 hours dropped my pool from 95 to 82 degrees. WOW! Me and my family are very happy. Great investment.

David P. - Charleston, SC

My neighbor has a Heat/Cool Heat pump system and said he’s afraid to turn it on again to cool his pool down. He ran it for 5 days and when he got his electric bill he almost fainted how high it was.. He said it is a money pit. My other neighbor down the street has a Glacier Pool Cooler and he loves it. He runs his all the time and he doesn’t have a high bill. So I purchased a Glacier system and it dropped my pool 12 degrees in 10 hours. Great product!

Chuck H. - Dallas, TX

Prior to the chiller my pool has been unusable. It’s temperature was 95 degrees before installation of the chiller. Now it is a refreshing 83 degrees.  I cannot recommend your company enough. It is very rare that a product lives up to it’s reputation, but yours certainly does.
Thank you again.

BJ - Houston, TX

The pool cooler exceeded my expectations! I live in North Carolina and have a beautiful dark bottom pool in full sun. When we have 90 degree weather the pool water would hit 90 degrees during July & August and not be usable.  I have had the pool cooler for a month now and when we have had back to back 90 degree days the water stays at 78 degrees when I run it 12 hours a day. This is the best purchase I have made in years! Love it!

Robert B. - High Point, North Carolina

We love our glacier chiller. Our pool was at 94 to 96 degrees and hotter than bath tub water. None of my kids wanted to swim in our brand new pool. Chiller brings ours down to 77 in the mornings and 80 degree avg all day during this 100 degree heat wave in Houston. Our energy bill only went up 35 dollars and i run the chiller 12 hours every night.

Michael W. - Houston, Texas

Bought mine a few years ago! Love it especially with weather like we’re getting in Philly! Pool temp was 90 and is now 83!

Jim W. - Philedelphia, Pennsylvania

Love it! Going on 9 years with no issues at all. Awesome pool coolers.

John K.