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It’s a common misconception that Glacier Pool Coolers is an Arizona company made for Arizona pools in the Arizona climate. We are Texas born! Every piece of R&D and every technical spec that we use for our product line was the result of testing our equipment on pools during hot, humid, muggy Houston summers. Read more about us below!

Glacier Pool Coolers, LLC is a company located in Scottsdale, AZ with warehouses in Phoenix, AZ and Macon, GA. Glacier was hatched from a great idea in Houston, TX in 2004 when an affordable solution to hot, muggy swimming pools in the Houston humidity seemed nowhere in site. After years of development, Glacier was awarded a method & apparatus patent in 2009 for the application of cooling swimming pools (among other bodies of water) with its perfected systems being retailed today. The fledgling start up dove head first into the swimming pool industry and eventually moved its enterprise to sunny Arizona.

Glacier has seen great success in the US and has been available through distribution and retail for over a decade. A global presence was started in Mexico and the Caribbean with major hotel and resort chain customers and has caught on in other countries across the world like Dubai and the Middle East, Africa, and Thailand. Glacier has been able to tap in to the ever growing need to cool water in areas where extreme temperature changes are becoming more and more prevalent.

Swimming pools aren’t the only ones that have suffered sweltering summer temperatures. Other bodies of water that sustain life, or make life more livable have also suffered. Fish hatcheries, sealife exhibits at zoos, hydro farms, and even stocked lakes are frequent customers of Glacier Pool Coolers. Faced with our ever changing world climate. Glacier’s technical staff is always looking for solutions for customers worldwide.

If you have questions about our system, contact our office and we’ll be glad to assist you. Thank you for visiting Glacier Pool Coolers, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! #staycool

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